Come walk with us....
We are excited about what God is doing and hope that in these pages you will find steps you can take to partner together to make and mobilize Christlike disciples who in turn will impact their communities.


Things you can DO than make a difference in missions.  Some are specific to our ministries - others are more general

*Ask for specific prayer requests
*Join a work team and go serve on a mission field
*Sponsor a camper or a student at Living Word Academy
*Help provide Bible Study Helps for Native American pastors
*Mentor someone in Missions—help them start praying, giving and going by including them in things that you are already doing

*Make "get well" and "thinking of you" cards to be used at the Phoenix Indian Hospital
*Write a note to a missionary and let them know you are praying for them

*Collect and send Campbell Soup Labels, Box Tops for Education and canceled stamps to  Southwest Indian Ministries Center.  These are all a great help to the ministry.
*Choose a Native American tribe or community to learn about and pray for that community
*Help send someone else on a work team
*Forward missionary prayer requests and newsletters you recieve to others who don’t get them.
For more information about doing any of these you can be in touch with by Email 

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